The authors of the Yoga&Vedas editions


Maitri has been immersed since childhood into the context of meditation and Ayurveda. Passionate about philosophy during her studies at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris (2006-2009), she continues with the teachings of Santana Dharma. Living between France and India since 2012, Maitri trained in integral yoga (YTT500h) in the Himalayas at the Ashram Anand Prakash with Yogi Vishvketu. She also finds inspiration from various yoga masters in Russia and deepens the therapeutic dimension of practicing yoga with Saji.

In 2013 Maitri created the French-language multimedia platform Yoga & Vedas to spread the teachings of yoga and the Vedic tradition to as many people as possible. Convinced that the personal and regular practice of yoga becomes our greatest teacher, Maitri launches the edition of "I practice" with Saji in 2017.

Yogacharya Saji

Saji was born in Southern India, in Kerala. It is now called yogacharya: "he who gives the image of yogic life by his example." Saji has dedicated himself to yoga since the age of 17 (1988) after meeting his spiritual teacher. He began teaching yoga in 1994 in the tradition of the Bihar School in India (the line of Swami Satyananda Saraswathi). From 1999, Saji studied at VYASA University in Bangalore and obtained a Master's degree in Yogatherapy and Naturopathy. In 2006 Saji founded the Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation (Kerala) that specializes in seminars and training of yogic sciences and practices in India and abroad.

Saji has been working worldwide for 20 years as a yoga therapist using a holistic approach and yogic wisdom based on studies of the interaction between the body of the person, his psyche and the soul.